Lincoln Solidarity: We delivered 680 kilos of food and 1000 books

Generating a positive impact on local and global communities is our essence. Giving a helping hand to others in times of uncertainty and difficulty, is part of our identity as a Lincoln community.

A remote indigenous area and public school students are the beneficiaries of our solidarity support since we delivered 680 kilos of food to the inhabitants of Zapatón and 1000 books of English literature to the Ministry of Public Education (MEP).

A long way to Zapatón

Thanks to the cooperation of parents and members of our staff, we were able to bring food supplies to the residents of the indigenous community of Zapatón. A town located in the mountains, surrounded by exuberant nature, with inhabitants affected economically and by food shortages.

Zapatón is a tourist area and the residents are dedicated to agricultural work to supply themselves, but this atypical year 2020 has been cruel. The nearly inexistent visitation due to Covid-19 and crop losses due to the rains caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota complicated the situation dramatically for these people, but help was on the way.

A chain of volunteers participated in what was a magnificent effort to store, pack and transport the donations for tens of kilometers to their destination. Very early, around 6:00 a.m. a group of Lincoln officials arrived on campus to bring food to Zapatón.

After almost 5 hours behind the wheel, our team finally arrived at Doña Carmen’s house. Because of her lineage, she is the leader of the community, she is the descendant of the first Chief of Zapatón.

“Doña Carmen is a small, thin lady, but you can see her strength and determination to get ahead and make things happen. As we unloaded the bags of food, we heard the sound of macaws. We were impressed seeing them so close, one of the boys showed us a tree in which a couple of limpets were guarding a nest, ” commented Pilar Losilla.

The place offers a direct interaction with the flora and fauna. It is in the middle of the mountains, with houses on the side of the road. In addition, “a humid heat” is mixed with a unique local gastronomy that surprises anyone.

“What impressed me the most is that they were people who needed donations and still had the delicacy to make us something to eat,” said Ana Acón.

Recycling books from hand to hand

Occasionally we update the literary content of our library to offer our students the latest. When we stop using them we have to figure out what to do with hundreds of textbooks and find others who will take advantage of those works.

Until a while ago these books were sent to Nicaragua, but this time these books will reach the hands of students from public schools in our country.

Susan Koberg, Social Responsibility Coordinator at Lincoln School, commented that the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) will receive close to 1000 books of English literature to be used by other students.

“I refuse to recycle a book, these books are going to be donated to the MEP through the Rotarians of San Pedro-Curridabat. They promised to take all the books, classify them and put them in MEP educational centers,” explained Koberg.

Actions speak louder than words, we know that 2021 will be a new period to extend our positive impact to more communities.