VIVA Schidheiny Awards


Lincoln School and VIVA Idea share vision on the importance of social entrepreneurship

It is the eighth edition of Viva Schmidheiny Awards

Giving recognition to entrepreneurial projects that aim to transform the environmental and social reality in Latin America. That is the purpose of the Viva Schmidheiny Awards, which selected 12 finalist initiatives from among 617 entrepreneurial proposals from 21 countries in the region.

The VIVA Schmidheiny Awards are an annual contest that challenges social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations with great positive impact in Latin America, and helps them strengthen the management of their projects and scale their impact.

The Lincoln School auditorium hosted this award ceremony, which took place virtually. Our former director, Robert Rinaldo, was invited to give a message about the importance of educating young people to contribute to the formation of a sustainable world.

“Lincoln School believes that education must be authentic, purposeful, involving real-life skills and applications. Our mission is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and empower students to positively impact local and global communities, at Lincoln we are giving students the opportunity to design experiences, ”said by Mr. Robert Rinaldo.

VIVA Idea established 4 main categories to group the finalist ventures, these are: companies with environmental impact, companies with social impact, non-profit organizations with environmental impact and non-profit organizations with social impact.

Below, we detail the winning projects and their projects.




Companies with environmental impactAlgramo (Chile)Since 2013 working with the community, today there are more than 1,800 warehouses associated with the returnable format. They have a fleet of electric tricycles with dispensers that carry products recognized through packaging refill.
Companies with social impactPixza (México)Social empowerment platform achieve the sustainable inclusion of young people with a social abandonment profile.
Non-profit organizations with environmental impactAgua Tuya (Bolivia)Build innovative solutions, that contribute to the sustainable management of the urban water cycle, and improve the quality of life of people.
Non-profit organizations with social impactFundación Paraguaya (Paraguay)It develops innovative and sustainable programs that appeal to the potential of each family to overcome poverty.

We extend an invitation to see the video of these entrepreneurial projects that are closely related to topics that our student population chooses for their CAS and CLAS projects. This can be taken as a boost and motivate students to think big.

Watch the VIVA Schmidheiny Awards