Lincoln campus welcomes teachers


Our teachers are back: on-campus tests were a success

After an extended absence of almost 9 months, our teachers returned to work on campus for two days. Lincoln School convened its faculty team to conduct performance tests on the Wi-Fi networks and evaluate the health protocols implemented on campus.

The intention is to prevent Internet connection errors and ensure a safe transition to the hybrid education model that will begin next January. Teachers will simultaneously teach students in class and students at home.

Vicky Espinoza, a Middle School teacher, has 28 years of experience. She believes that students are the essence of the institution and not seeing them for so long has been difficult. “This first contact with the campus brought mixed feelings… seeing a lonely school without the students is not the same,” she said.

“My expectation is that we can come back and see each other soon (…) I love being at school, I love sharing with the students. Although the virtual work has been good, by being present one can get to know the students better and that helps in their formation, ”Espinoza mentioned.

Kasey Van Kleeck, 8th grade teacher, explained that she feels comfortable seeing that everyone’s space is respected as everyone on campus follows the established protocols.

Teacher Kasey considers that it will be challenging to teach simultaneously because she will have to find a way to prevent the virtual modality from interfering with face-to-face teaching, but she is optimistic and hopes to find a balance among the teaching methods.

Teachers reported that they worked optimally, without internet failures, receiving final assignments from students without setbacks.

Although the desks were empty and student voices were not heard, it is clear to everyone that changes are coming. We are thrilled to welcome our Trojans and to return step by step to normality, the one we remember with nostalgia.