SOS Eben-Ezer


S.O.S Eben-Ezer: a Trojan helped 62 families affected by Covid-19

The pandemic has affected most vulnerable people. The Eben-Ezer community in Purral de Guadalupe does not escape this problem and now when they need help the most, a Trojan reached out to them.

Caterina Calderón González, a Lincoln School Senior, organized a food drive for 62 families. After receiving a call for help, Caterina contacted relatives and friends to collaborate with 250 people affected directly or indirectly by Covid-19.

With the financial contribution of donors, they were able to buy:

  • 100 kg of rice
  • 300 tuna cans
  • 200 kg of pasta
  • 80 kg of coffee
  • 60 liters of cooking oil
  • 50 kg of coffee
  • 35 kg of salt
  • 100 cans of mixed vegetables
  • 200 liters of milk
  • 20 kg of onion
  • 20 kg of garlic
  • 15 kg of bologna
  • 60 packs of sausage
  • 30 liters of Lizano sauce
  • 600 eggs

Companies and organizations such as Don Pedro, Pastas Roma, and Carpinteros de Nazaret joined in the food donations.

This Trojan explained that the people in charge of supporting families contracted Covid-19, so teenagers have had to take to the streets to work so they can bring some income home.

“They are hard-working people who are trying… I understand that we are all going through very difficult times but one characteristic that we have seen in Costa Rica is that all people try to help those most in need,” said Caterina.

The initiative to help these families was personal, it was not part of the social aid projects that Lincoln School incorporates into its curriculum.

Our Trojan ensures that she will continue to send donations until these breadwinners overcome Covid-19 and can secure stable incomes again.

“When I asked for food donations, I thought it was once, but donations kept coming so I can continue. I would like to help them to reinvent themselves by taking free courses with the Ministry of Labor”, she said.