Sebastián Pardo


Still Life: Sebastián Pardo’s new album now available on Spotify

As I write this article, I am listening to the album Still Life, the most recent artistic work of our Junior, Sebastián Pardo. After playing the first song, I couldn’t stop. My ears devoured all 7 songs and demanded for more. I admit that I had to play it again.

Each song discovers a new rhythm, becomes unpredictable and surprises with a captivating voice.

“Music has so many meanings, so many emotions. Music is one of the most intimate things that someone can do, because it expresses the way one feels,” he commented.

This Trojan mentioned that Still Life is impregnated with intimate emotions and feelings associated with friendship, childhood memories and an embodied feeling that is difficult to explain. The album was produced during between 2019 and 2020 and contains a mix of folk and lo-fi music.

“My biggest influences are Sufjan Stevens, Christian Lee Hutson, and The Tallest Man On Earth. I’m very inspired by American folk music and alternative music”, he said.

Curiously, when he started with the album, he did not know how to play the guitar or sing. It was recently and almost by accident that he found out his qualities to be a vocalist. With the guitar it was an exploratory transition to search for a new instrument.

He has always maintained a strong bond with string instruments, since at the age of 5 started with the violin. Adopting the guitar was not difficult and he plans to learn another instrument like the banjo. Which instrument do you like the most? The answer is immediate, the guitar. The versatility this instrument offers is what trapped Sebastián into not stopping and continually playing chords to discover new sounds.

Favorite song of the album

A process that took several months, recording 6 different versions of the song and having a strong emotional meaning, makes Balcony Talks the favorite piece of this Trojan. This song recalls a trip he made to France with his classmates. Every night they sat down to talk on a balcony, an experience of great relevance to him.

His brother Julián and his friend Armando López participated in the production. This Trojan is pleased to see that his work has been released.

Playing alongside with other musicians in the Lincoln School community is something that excites him.

“In an ideal world I would play Hurricane at a school event, I would love that, or another song in front of everyone, one that I composed,” he said.

For Sebastián music is a hobby, he does not consider a professional career in it. He envisions dedicating himself to programming, another of his passions.