Santi Robles


Santi Robles: young promise of the Mini GP who competes for fun

Medals and trophies are not a priority. The excitement and fun of racing, riding his motorcycle and feeling the wind tickling is what he is passionate about.

For Santiago Robles, speed on two wheels has always been an attraction and he knows he will continue in this until the end. “I’m going to stop until I get old, ” he confessed.

In 2018 – at the age of 6 – this Trojan had his first interaction with a motorcycle and it was as if he had ridden it all his life. Karina Morales, Santi’s mother, admitted that in the beginning they were afraid to allow him to dabble in this sport, but patience and practice have been key to dispelling doubts.

Recently, the 5th date of the National Motor Speed Championship was disputed, in this competition Santi obtained the first place and achieved the second overall place in the championship. Reaching the podium was not easy, he competed in the qualifying stage with his bike broken down and the difficulties to train due to the pandemic complicated his participation.

“I am very surprised by what I have done. I am very proud”, said Santiago.

Overcoming obstacles

The Mini GP category has existed in the country for two years. Being so recent, the training facilities are few and the sponsors are just starting to approach the activity.

Despite these circumstances, our Trojan’s talent and ability to drive this vehicle naturally stands out. Santi’s evolution through the competition is remarkable, since with the course of time he occupies the first positions more frequently.

He proudly shows the 6 medals he has acquired. For him this is just beginning and he is clear that he will soon change to another category of greater demand.

“I want a bigger bike, I’m going to give it all and I will continue racing because I like it a lot,” says Santi.

Karina Morales thanked Lincoln School for the support given to Santi for his sports growth. He has had to mix his passion with studies, from the competition circuits he does homework and studies to prepare for the exams.