Romano Honorario


3, 2, 1… Action! Andrés Monge presents his first film: Romano Honorario

After approximately 3 months of hard work, overcoming days of more than 12 continuous hours of recording and overcoming his own insecurities… Andrés Monge presents his first production titled “Romano Honorario”.

It is a 30-minute film inspired by the series The Sopranos. The film portrays the dramatic art that most excites this Trojan. He explains that this production does not reflect the reality of our country and neither does it intend to give a message, it simply seeks to capture a subject that he is passionate about with his own stamp.

The development process for the film was complex. Shooting took place in the midst of restrictions due to the pandemic, but mainly Andy had to face personal fears.

One phrase changed everything

In a conversation with his father, Andy heard words that he will probably remember for the rest of his life: “You have to want it more”. This simple message reached deep into his heart and motivated him to pursue harder for the development of his project.

The construction of the film Romano Honorario is composed of 4 stages: creation of the story, search for production crew (staff / materials) to make the recordings, recording and development of a website for the movie.

Each stage has its own peculiarities, for example, in the elaboration of the story Andy wrote the script in English, but later he learned that in the country there are few actors / actresses capable of speaking that language. That forced him to rewrite the script and translate it to Spanish.

Regarding the recordings, these were shot on weekends since from Monday to Thursday since he had to attend his obligations as a student. Due to the limited time available, production work was extended up to 12 hours a day.

After completing the editing stage, correcting the slightest errors, meticulously reviewing every detail and feeling satisfied, Andy released his film through the YouTube platform on November 18, 2020.

Upon finally seeing the results of his work, our Trojan assures that he feels a number of emotions and is proud with the final product. He admits that he is critical of himself and identifies opportunities for improvement each time he watches the film.

What do you expect from the future?

The production Romano Honorario was a confirmation of what Andy wants for his life, in fact, he envisions becoming a Film Director. He knows it’s a long way to the top and looks forward to working for television corporations like HBO or CBS. Another option could be the video game industry in companies like EA or RockStar to develop narrative stories in games; another artistic field that he is passionate about.

“It is possible to do what one wants in life. It takes effort, one must discover one’s passions to identify growth opportunities in areas that allow you to succeed,” he said.

We warn parents that the content of this film is not suitable for children under 13. The film includes scenes of violence and language that may be sensitive to some.