Queques de Antaño



Queques de Antaño: An entrepreneurship that defies challenges in times of pandemic


A recipe from 1966 is this Lincoln family’s best kept secret.


In a meeting with President Alvarado, our Trojan Jimena Rodriguez shared her experience.


Faith, hope and solidarity are the ingredients used by the Rodríguez Chaves family in their Queques de Antaño entrepreneurship. This Lincoln family shared with the President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, their experience after navigating a sea of ​​doubts brought about by the impact of Covid-19 sanitary measures.

Mrs. Arlette Chaves told the President that household income decreased to 50% due to the pandemic. In this situation, she decided to involve her daughter in a project that would allow them to reinvent themselves and come up with a new way to generate money. Their passion for cooking and a recipe from 1966 were combined to create Queques de Antaño: orange and vanilla flavored cakes that are delivered to your home.

Our trojan, Jimena Rodriguez, explained to Alvarado that the first sale was a triumph for the whole family and it made her emotional to see their hard work bear fruit. For her, baking cakes has become a way of managing anxiety and reducing stress in recent weeks.

“When dealing with people’s prejudices, about age or economic status or any other thing in their lives, do not pay attention to what others say. If you really want something… fight for it,” said Jimena. The President said that he would keep this phrase in a special place.

A privilege. Our Trojan told us that meeting President Alvarado was a great privilege and it showed her that effort, commitment and dedication are essential in the road to success.

Jimena mentioned that this adventure has been a challenge. The most difficult thing has been to earn the trust of their customers. This is why, they make each cake following all the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

To Doña Arlette, Jimena is the best partner she could have ever asked for. She’s very proud of her daughter and her entrepreurial spirit. Another great accomplishment for them both has been helping unemployed motorcyclists to deliver their cakes and helping them make ends meet.

If you want to support this Lincoln family, you can place an order by contacting Facebook and Instagram.


Watch Jimena and Doña Arlette speak with President Alvarado