Middle School Elections


Middle School Students Chose Contagious After Election Process

Three political parties participated in the Middle School electoral contest, held on October 23rd. TIPS, CAT and Contagious presented their proposals to the electorate in a virtual debate and trivia activity.

Contagious was favored with most support from the student community. The Electoral Tribunal counted 224 votes and an abstention of 50 students. Voting was done virtually, with 81% of the population participating in the election.

Difficult start, but favorable results

Sandy Shum, president of the Electoral Tribunal, commented that since the beginning of the school year they have worked to guarantee a plural and participatory democratic process despite the difficulties posed by the new normality.

At the beginning of the process, only one political party was registered, so they had to motivate the rest of the students to be part of the democratic celebration.

Sandy considers that on this occasion positive changes were implemented to improve the participatory experience of the students because in past editions only one political party participated and there were no debates.

“We knew that not everyone was going to vote (…) as a Tribunal we feel very proud of everything we did and especially of the people who voted,” she said.

The challenge of uniting a school

Sofia Keith is the new student president for Middle School. She is clear that the most important thing to address is the need to encourage school spirit and unity among students. To achieve this, the governance plan focuses on three pillars: school spirit, community service, and back-to-school activities.

Sofia Keith is clear that the most important thing to address is the need to encourage school spirit and unity among students.

To integrate the students, Contagious designed competitions in various activities such as: cooking, design and video games with the intention of encouraging the student community to be part in these activities.

In the design contest, a proposal will be chosen through virtual voting and will be painted on a mural of the school. 

Sofía explained that she has an interest in participating in leadership positions to provide solutions to situations that affect her environment. With creativity, passion and vision, she hopes to give a great effort to make a positive impact on Middle School students.

A democracy without interruptions

The pandemic forced us to reinvent ourselves, to adapt and to come up with new ways of executing processes that were previously simpler.

Teacher Laura Vargas actively participated in the electoral process, accompanying the students in all stages. From electing class representatives to the student debate, it was a two-month journey of planning and coordination that required additional effort.

“Democracy must not be interrupted (…) as much as possible that we can have student participation, we have to continue it, even if it is virtual,” she said.

The transition will take place next Tuesday, November 17.