MAACH wins Elementary elections


90% of Primary students voted in the electoral process

Virtual learning does not stop Lincoln School students from participating in internal electoral processes. Using two virtual platforms, 9 out of 10 Primary students voted in the previous elections held on September 25th.

Rocío Quirós, Dean of Elementary Students, explained that despite the challenges of organizing a virtual voting process, the students managed to assimilate it without problems. So much so that the students formed 5 political parties to participate in the process: HEAL, KEY, MAACH, MERAKI and REAL.

How did they vote?

Voting was done using the Seesaw (1st grade) and Teams (2nd -5th grade) platforms. The students were sent a link to complete a survey and thus choose the game of their choice.

The party that was chosen by the majority was Making A Change (MAACH). Valentina Cañas, elected president of Primary, mentioned that the school government is focused on implementing activities that allow students to take virtual classes in a fun and entertaining way.

In Valentina’s own words, she describes some of the activities she has planned for students. (SPANISH)

The MAACH party defined several activities to carry out during its period of government, some are:

  • Produce fun activities with Special Olympics children
  • Organize a talent show with various categories
  • A week of activities for the enjoyment of the students
In Valentina’s own words, she describes her past experience in Elementary elections and how they motivated her to try again. (SPANISH)

Using her previous participation in the Elementary elections to her advantage, Valentina decided to run again as student president, and this time the result favored her political group.

Bringing the student population -from an early age- to experience what it is like to live in a democracy is one of the objectives of our institution. Ms. Rocío added that this activity intends for students to identify the importance of the right to vote.