Lincoln Shield


Positive phrases will surprise our Trojans in the classrooms

Stickers with hopeful and motivational phrases will welcome each Trojan back to classroom. The intention is to spread positivism in the Lincoln community, creating a harmonious and warm atmosphere for those who attend campus in the hybrid class mode.

This type of sign has a dual purpose, to motivate people and keep them safe. In the classrooms and corridors, they mark the distance stipulated by the authorities as safe (1.8 meters).

During the past few months, Lincoln School implemented a strategic plan with the purpose of safeguarding the health of every member of our community. The strategy includes a series of procedures to reduce the risk of contagion and therefore it is not possible to enter the campus without first washing your hands.

To ensure that everyone complies with this provision, we have enabled a total of 28 handwashing stations. These disinfection zones were set up in places that meet important conditions due to the constant flow of people, such as: main entrance (4), Amighetti entrance (4), cafeteria (5), kiss and drop of Elementary (2) and High School (3), Preschool entrance (4) and transportation entrance (4). The rest are located at vendor entrance sites.

Our hands are in constant contact with objects and surfaces, so it is very important to have disinfection and handwashing areas to reduce the risks of carrying viral loads.

With the expected return of students and teachers to the campus, we have taken actions to ensure compliance with the sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health.

From the car entrance, people are instructed to visit the reception area to take their temperature and to guarantee the entry of people to the campus who have body heat below 38°C. In addition, there is a desk distribution in the classrooms that guarantees the recommended distance of 1.8 meters.

Furthermore, a protocol will be applied for the use of restrooms which establishes that only 2 students can use the bathroom at the same time.

First test succeeded

After 8 months without receiving students on campus, we welcomed our high performance athletes. This first interaction allowed us to test the application of the protocols on a small scale and gain experience for what is to come.

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