High School Elections


Bridge & Not Applicable: the road to Election Day

Democracy is the main foundation of Costa Rica. At Lincoln School, we know the importance of reinforcing the belief in this political system, which is why we encourage the participation of the student community in an internal electoral contest this Friday, September 11th.

For this occasion, the political parties in the elections are: Bridge and Not Applicable, and each group is made up of 6 High School students. Both groups have ideas that seek the benefit of each Lincoln School student. 

These are the members of each political party: 

BridgeNot Applicable
Jorge Miranda (G12)Enrique Chen (G12)
Karina Jenkins (G12)Maripaz Cordoba (G12)
Jose Abraham Bolaños (G12)Gabriel Gutierrez (G12)
Emma Borchgrevink (G11)Izabella Sibaja (G12)
Federico Johanning (G11)Leonardo Yan (G11)
Valeria Hernández (G10)Rosa Chen (G10)

A week ago, both groups participated in a virtual debate in which they answered questions from the Electoral Tribunal. In addition, there was a 4-question dynamic between the political parties, with the possibility of rebuttal. 

The first question from the Electoral Tribunal was: How do you plan to overcome the Covid-19 situation to be able to provide the students with interactive activities?

Bridge stated that it will encourage interaction between students with activities like Valentine games, Lincoln Talks, Career Day, and others.

On the other hand, Not Applicable said they will host video game tournaments to bring the community together.

The Electoral Tribunal’s second question was: What makes you different from past electoral parties?

A Bridge representative stated that they are a party in which every individual wants the best for Lincoln School, and have a unique offer. Not only in ideas but ways to implement them, such as bridging the gap between Administration and students.

“We are a different party from previous years, Why? Because we are the only party that has interviewed at least 50% of the student body and I also believe that we are the only party that simply has no outlandish ideas (…) we give logical reasoning to every single idea in our government plan,” Not Applicable answered.

In case you haven’t yet decided who to vote for, you can review the proposals of each political party in their government plans. You can review them by clicking on the following links: