Guest Speaker Series: On How and Why to Start Your Own Venture


Ethics, persistence and hard work: the keys of an entrepreneur

It is never too late to chase our dreams and achieve our desires. It will be an arduous path, where you will make mistakes and at a certain point there will seem to be no way out. Some will say it is impossible, but to be an entrepreneur you must overcome obstacles and have the courage to move forward.

Mario Hernández tells us what the keys to being an entrepreneur are and how the Covid-19 pandemic changed his vision of doing business. This member of the Lincoln community assures that entrepreneurship requires: ethics, persistence and hard work.

“I became an entrepreneur when I was in my 40s and everyone told me I was late. They say you have to become an entrepreneur when you get out of college, but it’s never too late.”

Mario explained that starting his venture at that age allowed him to accumulate vast experience in the field of banking and the latest trends in technology in the financial sector. This helped him to bring his idea to fruition.

The Covid Revolution

For Mario, business had to be done face-to-face, through personal interaction with the client and thus generate trust. “I used to travel … In 2019, I spent 265 days in hotels,” he recalled. He has been working from his office for the last 8 months, now he is closer to his family and says that now, more than ever, it is easier to start a business of your own.

The online procedures and virtual meetings allowed him to create a corporation in minutes, as well as to hire a company located in Europe from our country.

Creating value

When an idea is born and materializes, it allows you to give work to other people and gives a contribution to society that gives the feeling that you created something of value. “By creating companies, we create value in our society and that is important for everyone,” Mario said.

Value does not come easy, it implies hard work. In fact, for this Lincoln dad, the working hours have multiplied, but by creating his own business, freedom comes with it. The ability to make decisions that previously had to be approved by other people, who took weeks to communicate a decision.

Mario Hernández is the co-founder and CEO of Impesa, a FinTech company that created Layla, Brainert, Monibyte and Kipo. Impesa is a leading member and issuer of Visa credit cards, has a strategic alliance with PayPal, is part of the Central Bank ACH and is a PCI DSS certified company. Mario is an expert in payments and innovation. He has a successful 20-year career in international banking. Before founding his FinTech company, he was CEO of a local bank in Costa Rica.