College Application Process Success Stories Class of 2017


Daniela Castro

University: Emerson College, Boston

At Lincoln since: 4th grade

Scholarship: No

Major: Business of Creative Enterprises

Daniela started with the college application process in May 2016; however, she feels that Lincoln School prepared her well academically throughout her school years for this important process. She was always encouraged by teachers and administrators to give her best and to visualize herself at the best universities. Lincoln faculty and staff helped her create a profile that was advantageous for her in terms of the universities she wanted to apply to and finally accompanied and advised her throughout the process.

She had the opportunity to visit different universities to get to know the campuses, the environment, the city and the people, and was able to picture herself in what could become her future home during her university years. Thanks to these factors, the College Counseling support, a long process and analysis of the pros and cons, Daniela finally made the decision to become part of the Emerson College community in Boston, Massachusetts.

 Felipe Johanning

University: Loyola University New Orleans

At Lincoln Since: Preschool

Scholarship: Yes

Major: Business Management

Felipe is an avid tennis player and overall athlete whose objective has been very clear from the beginning: study business administration at a university where he could continue playing his favorite sport. For these reasons, and after going through a long list of universities where he wanted to apply to, Loyola University of New Orleans became his final choice. Loyola wasn´t within his original application plans, however, after a tennis showcase and after having the opportunity to talk to Loyola’s coach, Felipe realized that he had the opportunity to grow and improve as a player in the Wolfpack tennis program.

For Felipe, the most successful aspect of this process was being able to enjoy it so it didn´t become tedious, as such, it became easier and even interesting. Being able to start in advance is also an important factor, due to the contact that must be made with the universities and coaches. Also, the analysis of the place, the people, the environment and how it will impact his personal and professional life was important for Felipe during this process.

«Lincoln has shaped me into a well-rounded person, helped me grow academically, socially and athletically.» The values and the experience of being part of Lincoln School were also important factors in the application and decision making process.

Sebastián Pinto

University: Georgetown University

At Lincoln since: 3rd grade

Scholarship: Yes

Major: International Economics

From day one, Sebastian had a clear objective. He knew where he wanted to go and what major he wanted to study, which was quite helpful since that was enough motivation to investigate and apply with plenty of time. Constant communication with the College Counseling Department and well-focused research made it possible for Sebastian to create a robust list of universities, with the necessary requirements to make him feel at ease. His secret formula when creating his college list was making sure that his final choices were well-balanced, including dream schools, targets and safeties. However, Sebastian is clear that his achievements are a result of his years at Lincoln School. For example, the IB programme, which not only made him grow academically, but also as a person. «Lincoln helped me grow in a very holistic way, guiding me to find balance between my academic and my extracurricular activities.»

Sebastian chose Georgetown University, which has been his dream school for as long as he can remember.

Diego Castro

University: Florida State University

At Lincoln since: 2nd grade

Scholarship: Yes

Major: Mechanical Engineerin

For Diego, the admission process with the different universities, despite certain setbacks, was very clear and done the best way possible thanks to the College Counseling Department’s valuable help and hard work. Although Diego was working on all his applications during his senior year, he recognizes that Lincoln has been preparing him all throughout his years at school, providing him with different tools and programs such as the IB programme, which helps students develop an academic profile that many renowned universities are looking for in their applicants. He also emphasizes that the College Counseling Department’s orientation is what helps the students enjoy this process and reach their goals. Diego chose Florida State University because he has family and friends in the area, and because it is an environment where he is sure he will feel very comfortable and thrive during his four years of college

Melissa Leal

University: Duke University

At Lincoln since: 4th grade

Scholarship: Yes

Major: Neuroscience

For Melissa, time was her key for successfully navigating the college application process. With enough time, she had the opportunity to make a solid list of the universities she wanted to apply to, visited the campuses, analyzed and was able to research not only the programs offered, but also the college environment she wanted to be a part of.

This outstanding student had a clear objective from the beginning: to attend a university that would allow her to pursue a professional career in neuroscience. Having a clear goal allowed her to work tirelessly and with great focus on determining and completing the college application process.

Curiously, Duke University was not on her initial list of universities, however, after a visit of Duke´s college representative at Lincoln School, it quickly became her first choice. Melissa believes that Lincoln School played a very important role in helping her achieve her dream, not only because Lincoln gave her the necessary tools to explore the different university options but also because of the support and guidance of the College Counseling Department and her teachers

David Ruiz

University: Universidad de Costa Rica

At Lincoln since: 9th grade

Scholarship: No

Major: Law

David is a highly disciplined and committed student athlete, who was able to balance his academic duties and swimming team responsibilities. However, David says that this balance between academic and extracurricular is one of the valuable lessons that he acquired while being a part of Lincoln School. David is currently in the admission process of Law School at the Universidad of Costa Rica. The preparation and support of different people at Lincoln School provided him with the motivation to make this decision with determination and a strong sense of security. With great assurance, David expressed the importance of the contribution that young people make today to our country and that this is the main reason he desires to develop his professional career in Costa Rica. He also mentioned that while he wants to grow professionally and personally, he also wants to remain close to his family, as they have been his main support throughout his life.

Nicole Birkner

University: Stanford University

At Lincoln since: 7th grade

Scholarship: Yes

Career: Management Science and Engineering or Computer Science

Nicole states it wasn´t an easy process, however, factors such as research, time, and advice from the College Counseling Department were important. For Nicole, it was especially important to have a solid list of universities that really fit her personality, tastes and interests before moving forward with the application process. «Lincoln gave me the wings to fly» is the phrase Nicole used to express the great contribution that Lincoln School provided her, not only to her academic profile but also to her extracurricular growth. Nicole emphasizes the value that her Lincoln School education gave her, which included the help she received from teachers and staff, who supported each and every one of Nicole’s projects and initiatives, such as Mu Alpha Theta and Fresquiticos. These projects were an important piece of Nicole’s college applications.

Finally, after a long process, her entrepreneurial character and her passion for business and mathematics were the factors that made her feel at home from the first moment she set foot at Stanford University. Not only did Stanford provide the perfect academic combination, but the enterprising, innovative and welcoming atmosphere was the environment she knew she would need to thrive and succeed during her four years of college.