Don Armando’s Farewell


Thank you don Armando: 18 years of teaching legacy

Farewells are always difficult to accept. A deep nostalgia, accompanied by a pleasant surprise, marked the last visit of Professor Armando Rodríguez Ballestero to the Lincoln School campus.

After 18 years of teaching “Spanish: Language and Literature”, for Juniors and Seniors taking the International Baccalaureate, he came this Tuesday to say goodbye.

In the midst of the distancing protocols, an attempt to give a warm farewell to this dedicated teacher was made. He assures that respect is the best ally to inspire confidence in students and that teachers should be transmitters of motivation in the classrooms.

For don Armando, the exercise of empathy is fundamental, as well as capturing the unique differences that distinguish each person in order to forge assertive human interactions.

The new teaching modality must draw everyone’s attention. He warns that technology can alienate people, turn them into virtual people, so it’s important to regain the human element in an era where electronic devices predominate.

Over the years he had the opportunity to meet Lincoln staff from all levels. He expressed his gratitude to Lincoln School, for welcoming him and allowing him to work and from which he did not want to leave, however, family circumstances forced him to stop his teaching job.

“A very nice feeling of pleasant surprise. On my last day I felt great nostalgia at everything my students said. That last day I received emails from parents of different generations (…) there is peace of mind and the feeling that I did what I had to do”, Rodríguez said.

Kai Unfried, Junior student, praised Armando’s teaching work and the interest he always had in knowing the opinion of every student in order to know them better.

For this Trojan, Mr. Rodríguez is a caring person with the students who was always willing to help anyone, at any time, in order to achieve a better performance in the IB diploma.

“He has all the values ​​that a person should have, very hardworking and caring. He is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. At the class level, he always allowed everyone to provide their input.”, mentioned Unfried.

We deeply appreciate don Armando’s dedication and devotion for so many years. We wish him great happiness in this new journey next to his family.