Andrew Olsen


Andrew Olsen: sports as a tool to be a better person On medical advice, Andrew began swimming at 11 years old. Five years later, this Trojan has an outstanding performance in water sports, especially breaststroke. In the National Ranking of the Youth B category (15 to 17 years old) he has the following marks: First […]

Sebastián Pardo


Still Life: Sebastián Pardo’s new album now available on Spotify As I write this article, I am listening to the album Still Life, the most recent artistic work of our Junior, Sebastián Pardo. After playing the first song, I couldn’t stop. My ears devoured all 7 songs and demanded for more. I admit that I […]

Romano Honorario


3, 2, 1… Action! Andrés Monge presents his first film: Romano Honorario After approximately 3 months of hard work, overcoming days of more than 12 continuous hours of recording and overcoming his own insecurities… Andrés Monge presents his first production titled “Romano Honorario”. It is a 30-minute film inspired by the series The Sopranos. The […]

Don Armando’s Farewell


Thank you don Armando: 18 years of teaching legacy Farewells are always difficult to accept. A deep nostalgia, accompanied by a pleasant surprise, marked the last visit of Professor Armando Rodríguez Ballestero to the Lincoln School campus. After 18 years of teaching “Spanish: Language and Literature”, for Juniors and Seniors taking the International Baccalaureate, he […]

Lincoln Shield


Positive phrases will surprise our Trojans in the classrooms Stickers with hopeful and motivational phrases will welcome each Trojan back to classroom. The intention is to spread positivism in the Lincoln community, creating a harmonious and warm atmosphere for those who attend campus in the hybrid class mode. This type of sign has a dual […]

Santi Robles


Santi Robles: young promise of the Mini GP who competes for fun Medals and trophies are not a priority. The excitement and fun of racing, riding his motorcycle and feeling the wind tickling is what he is passionate about. For Santiago Robles, speed on two wheels has always been an attraction and he knows he […]

National Math Olympics


Phenumeral talent: Trojans stand out at National Math Olympics For most students, math represents the most difficult subject in the school year. Sometimes it seems like another language, complex to understand, but for some, mathematical operations are like a native language that they understand easily. This is the case of elementary school students Marianne Fernández, […]

Lincoln campus welcomes teachers


Our teachers are back: on-campus tests were a success After an extended absence of almost 9 months, our teachers returned to work on campus for two days. Lincoln School convened its faculty team to conduct performance tests on the Wi-Fi networks and evaluate the health protocols implemented on campus. The intention is to prevent Internet […]



Lincoln Solidarity: We delivered 680 kilos of food and 1000 books Generating a positive impact on local and global communities is our essence. Giving a helping hand to others in times of uncertainty and difficulty, is part of our identity as a Lincoln community. A remote indigenous area and public school students are the beneficiaries of our solidarity support since we delivered 680 […]

Virtual CAS Conference


CAS experience: Trojans participate in an international conference on Covid-19 and climate change Sharing and exchanging proposals to provide solutions to problems that threaten humanity. This was the purpose of the last virtual CAS conference that focused the discussion on issues such as COVID-19 and climate change. Kai Unfried and Catalina Segura, International Baccalaureate (IB) […]