Ernesto Gonzalez – A story to tell…


Name: Ernesto González
Grade: eleventh grade
In Lincoln School since 2003
A word that describes him: persistent

His passion for sports was developed as a child with his dad, who shared his taste for bikes and arouse a feeling in him that today is what keeps Ernesto very high in the discipline that he practices.

Ernesto Gonzalez is a 11th year student, the youngest of 4 brothers, young triathlete, which stands out not only for his academic and sports performance, for his discipline, passion and perseverance, but more important for his humility that flashes us when he speaks and acts.

He has been part of “Triatlón Coopenae” team for a year. It is composed of high-performance athletes in the Elite and Junior Elite categories. Early last month Ernesto won the competition that defined the 2016 Triathlon National Champion in the Juniors category.

Ernesto GonzálezSix years ago, with only 10 years he began his career as a triathlete, after he gets motivated for the so well-known relay race in Puntarenas. He ran it with his family. In this race he ran 10 kilometers in a team along with his mother and siblings. A year later he made his first triathlon and won first place in its category (9-11). The love for this discipline began to grow gradually and despite difficulties, his studies and the active social environment that a young man faces at this age, his decision to train twice a day, every week is irrevocable. And, throughout his busy life, Ernesto has learned that the more limited the time there comes a better use of it.

This young man shows us that it has been a difficult but exciting journey, falls, difficulties, flat tires, but despite this he has never left a career unfinished. Even though he might not have the slightest chance to finish in the first positions, the desire and the need to complete what he started are impossible to ignore.

Ernesto´s main satisfaction is his results and to see his constant effort and tenacity reflected in his competitions, understanding his whys and wherefores has been a key factor in his success.

Ernesto invites kids and young people to initiate the search of that sport or discipline that motivates them to get up, that really impassions them so they can establish their own goals and get to know how far they are able to go.

An example to follow and many virtues to learn from Ernesto, who at his tender age has managed to have the discipline and focus that many do not achieve throughout their lives.

We will be closely learning from him and all his accomplishments to come!